David Smith

Over the course of my 30 plus years in design, I have seen visual communications evolve into the constantly changing digital environments we have today. During that time one thing has remained the same, whether you use pixels or India ink to create a visual message, the best solutions are still concept driven with a clear understanding of your audience.

I have worked on a wide array of client categories including banking, health care, technology, and communications. The bulk of those years were spent on branding, corporate communications, and advertising—often with well known brands like AT&T and Siemens. Today I focus on design research and teaching.

Photo of David Smith in his office


After an award-winning career in advertising design, I made the transition into academics as my primary endeavor. I am an assistant professor of graphic design at Auburn University. Prior to coming to Auburn I taught at Jacksonville University for seven years. I teach courses in interactive design as well as traditional design. See what some of my students have created on the student work page.

Design Practice

When not teaching classes, I explore how design can make scientific and ecological concepts more accessible to a non-scientific audience, particularly within an interactive context. Find samples of my design work on the portfolio page.